05 September 2006

split personality.

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11 April 2006

"don't worry miss, i've got you"

I have arrived. (Speaking way, way, way after the fact.) Present and accounted for in Boston, or at least a nearby town. I have been at the new job for about a month now, and it seems to be working out fairly well so far. Much less chaotic, much more organized, yet somehow very familiar and comfortable. I did have to get used to working in a cube (goodbye, office), but I think the benefits I've gained from it are worthwhile. The people are quite nice, though some of them do have that slight tinge of impatient aggression that I'm starting to associate with Bostonians. I think I have a lot up upward movement here, which is exactly what I wanted. I'm at the bottom, but it's not a horrible place to be. I tried explaining to someone at work why I did what I did. The only way I could explain it was to say that I view everything as a test, and I needed something to challenge me on the next level. There were plenty of challenges at my last job, but they were all losing battles that were draining my will and desire to become better. To learn and grow, you do need the right environment. I don't think that was it.

The apartment I blindly selected is pretty nice. It's in a really massive house built in 1890... So I went from a brand new condo to this. Not that this is bad, it's just... The oldest place I've ever lived in. Steam radiators... They are so LOUD. The "lobby" area is really cool, though. It even has an ancient radio sitting in the entryway. I still have a lot of things in boxes, which probably isn't about to change anytime soon. I was doing so well there, for a while. Unpacking a few boxes a day... Then I think my kitchen and living room started looking vaguely clean and I just sort of gave up temporarily. I'm sure I'll get back to it sometime.

I'm just sitting on the computer, watching TV or movies, or playing games in my spare time. Same as usual, basically. I'm also trying to go out and explore sometimes, when I have time and don't mind getting lost. There's a state forest nearby that I need to check out sometime soon.

I'm trying to sell my place through a realtor, but that doesn't seem to be moving along very smoothly. Then again, the market isn't the greatest for selling right now.

I'm headed to NYC this weekend to meet up with N & G. Not sure how it's going to go... I can be a nervous traveller when I'm not familiar with where I'm headed. It should be exciting, regardless.

10 February 2006

This seems like me...?

Metropolis Bound

Away I go. I have put my resignation in at my job at The Hospital in Ohio and am moving to Boston. A few miles north of Boston, anyway.

Dropping that bomb was kind of fun. I've always loved change as a educational force and a source of possibilities, and this is the ultimate one I have taken. I'm not liking moving away from everything familiar, but in some ways it just feels too familiar. I am almost looking forward to being totally (physically) alone.

People have congratulated me at work, called me names (jokingly, I think), been shocked into near silence, and some have grown closer. I should quit more often.

They may fire me the first week I'm in Boston, but it may be exactly what I'm looking for. I'm interested to see what happens there. It's not really exciting right now, just frightening.

05 January 2006

The Most Dangerous Idea


What is your dangerous idea?

I think my top three are 1) aliens do exist and have reached Earth, 2) time travel is possible and someone is exploiting this now, and 3) the world is ending this very moment but it's just too early to notice.

03 January 2006

TIME.com: Best of 2005: Television -- Page 1

TIME.com: Best of 2005: Television -- Page 1

I KNEW IT. Number 1. If you are not watching Battlestar Galactica, you should not be watching any television. You should, in fact, be Amish. I think that you must be. I'll go by that assumption from now on.

It is the most realistic, mysterious, fun, exciting, suspenseful, thematically complex, intelligent, well-acted, inspired show to arrive on television in years and years. Watch it, even if you don't normally like science fiction. It's about much more than that.

Record bad year for computer security: Report - Dec. 29, 2005

Record bad year for computer security: Report - Dec. 29, 2005: "The Treasury Department says that cyber crime has now outgrown illegal drug sales in annual proceeds, netting an estimated $105 billion in 2004, the report said.
At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security's 2005 research budget for cybersecurity programs was cut 7% to $16 million. "

I'm considering getting into information/computer security, if I can manage it. I think it will be an uphill battle based on reports like this... Security is a preventative measure. Like insurance, you never know how much you need it until the lack of it gets you in trouble.

22 December 2005

Wired News: Your Right to Be an Idiot

Wired News: Your Right to Be an Idiot

This describes perfectly why I think Wikipedia is amazing and vital. Not that it is a fantastic source of information, not because you can use it as a free resource and that you can contribute to it at will, but because that it exists at all.

Idiots rule the world... They are at the top and at the bottom of the food chain. I don't necessarily like that, but freedom comes with that price. People these days like to say how "freedom isn't free" means that people have to go to war and die, which may be true to some small degree, but the true price is that morons get a say. They don't even have to be qualified or have any kind of knowledge whatsoever.

I love that. Mainly because I'm one of the morons.

20 December 2005

Wired News: Not With a Bang but a Whimper

Wired News: Not With a Bang but a Whimper

Yet another article on MMORPGs, but this one covers another unique aspect of the MMO experience: what happens when the world is literally ending? Asheron's Call 2 is a game which is going out of service in ten days... It is really, really interesting to read about the literal end of a world. People essentially "killing themselves" (actually just removing themselves from the game), economies going down the drain, landscapes becoming devoid of people. It's absolutely fascinating.